Finally- A Salon for Pets and Their People!

It was bound to happen.  It was so obvious.  For years I have been waiting for salons that provide grooming  and other services to honor the humans who live with them and pay the salons’ services.   I am referring  to a  comfortable place for the humans to wait for their four-legged friends and enjoy a hot or cold beverage and maybe munch on a few snacks.  A  room, a window to stand in front of and watch their pal  doesn’t seem to be so much to ask for, does it? How about a place to sit down?  How about offering a with free wi-fi and a very comfortable chair or a table to sit at while waiting?  Wouldn’t it be nice if people with pets having one or more salon service could stay at the salon?  How many people who close the salon door, looking for a coffee shop, a library, a McDonald’s etc., could have the choice of staying at the salon while they wait for their pets?

Many salons have a drop off pick up policy that allows the humans who bring their beloved  friends in to be bathed, trimmed, styled,  and more to be left alone while THIS is being DONE to them.  “She will be alright.  Don’t worry.” I would like to know what percentage of pet owners walk outside the salon with great piece, I mean peace of mind?  What if they didn’t have to leave?

I have been in a number of salons, some of them are attached to pet stores or are next to pet stores.  Often the dogs, who are waiting to be groomed or who have been groomed, are barking.  Sometimes the salons are not clean and there is hair, dust and dirt everywhere, not to mention fleas.

I have been looking for someone/some people to invent a way to serve both people and pets.  Today, I saw this.  It happened quite by accident. I was on my way to visit some family friends  before returning to Portland, and I stopped at a mall because I was about forty-five minutes early.  I looked at the stores in the mall. It was here that I saw the John Paul Pet Salon on Crown Valley Parkway in Laguna Nigel. A clean innovative salon that caters to people and pets with a place for people to sit down and enjoy a beverage, a room where they can watch their beloved four-legged one trimmed and clipped.


I watched one of the staff talk to some small dogs in a soft voice.  There was no barking, no restlessness, not tension.  Kudos to the John Paul Pet Salon.!!






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