In A Pinch, Pet Food Will Do!

I have to admit that it sounds awful.  Eating your pet’s food?  Well, I admit that I first tried dog cookies at a Petco store in Beaverton, Oregon.  Yes, I was a little hungry and I didn’t have much protein to eat before I went into the store.  Mostly I was curious what these cookies tasted like.  Really, I have to say they weren’t bad.  Would I serve them to friends. No, I wouldn’t go that far.  Besides, I make most things from scratch.  A few years later I tried some different dog cookies at a trade show. They were okay.  Actually, they looked better than they tasted.  In case you are wondering, no I haven’t tried canned pet food.  I have to say that if I were snowed in or couldn’t get out of the house to buy food, I might consider opening up a can.  Of course, I would have to get my cat’s permission first.

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