Critical thinking for children and teenagers

Young children learn by observing people about buying power, how choices are and sometimes even what factors into these decisions. Information, often unintentionally, is passed passed onto them. Adults and significant people in their lives can have a huge impact upon children and teenagers by having discussions about purchasing power and what factors into decisions.

Stories can be used to engage children in understanding how and where “stuff” in their homes came to be. Children can be taught about various choices that they make everyday and how to find answers that will help them make selections.

Being a consumer, where you are four years old or eight four is a lifelong skill and experience that we all have. Parents, teachers, friends, etc. can begin the education process at a young and continue the conversation at any time. In fact, a discussion of choosing and evaluating what we use to be thoughtful and intelligent consumers may change as thce needs and interests change, but the elements that contribute to the decision does not.

Curriculum designed for parents and educators to teach children and teenagers how decisions are made is available.  Exercises and stories assist students examine,evaluate, and make consumable products and services.

Speaking engagements are available.

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