Kudos To A Great Service- MacPCX- Day After Black Friday

My computer guys, MacPCX, gave me a gift and it was not on Black Friday. It was yesterday-Saturday.  I was ready to go downtown Portland, brave the store crowds.  Yu Te, my consultant, saved me $350 on my macbook pro and software from Best Buy, insurance and a case ( B 7& H).  He charged me $50 for his time and gave me two cups of hot green tea.

Yu Te was thorough in his search and quick. It took him 15-20 minutes. This is typical of MacPCX.  He and his staff are honest and reliable.  I have had  three or four other consultants work with me over the years.  He is the only one that I would recommend because he keeps his word, delivers on time and  honest.  These are great ingredients for a wonderful business.


Check them out.  You don’t have to live in Portland to use their services.   As Yu Tee says “It is my business to find the deals and make life easy for my customers.  So come on in and use us.” Call 503-512-0064 or visit http://macpcx.com/

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