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WGVU Morning Show with Shelly Irwin – March 29, 2023

How much do you depend upon your intuition? We talk to Faye Pierokowsky, Inner Design-Applying Intuition her company, talking about using intuition to make decisions during these difficult times plus Intuition in the kitchen.
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Enriching the World with Intuition & Inner Design February 18, 2023

Faye Pietrokowsky has been doing the work of enhancing the ability of people to make decisions combining their inner wisdom/intuition with logic and outer knowledge. Faye combines insights and exercises that help people hone their discernment, empowering them to bring all of their resources to the table. Her work happens through personal coaching, classes for both private & corporate settings, animal communication, and intuitive cooking for health.

The Bull in Portland – April 29, 2015

Guest on The radio show The Bull in Portland talking about communicating with pets.


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