No Human Could Have Survived! Not On Termites For 30 Years!

I got an email earlier this week and didn’t bother to read it until today.  It wasn’t  that I wasn’t interested, because I had every intention of reading the email.  The subject in the email said Missing Tortoise.  Interesting enough I thought to myself.  I made an assumption that the tortoise had been found or appeared.   This was an easy guess. Lots of stories have been told, shown on television, written  in print or on the web about surviving  for periods of time with nothing or little to eat and being reunited with their humans even years later.

I wasn’t quite ready for this story.  A  red- footed tortoise named Manuela that went missing in 1982 in Brazil was found in the house of the family it lived with 30 years after it disappeared.  The house the family lived in had been under renovation and the family made the assumption that someone had left a gate open, allowing the tortoise to escape.

Last month the father of this family passed away,
and the family began to clean out the house.  It was a neighbor who asked the son what he was going to do with the tortoise!  The article didn’t say how the neighbor knew but not the family.  Apparently Manuela had been surviving on termites that were in the furniture in the house.

So much for resilience, right!!  If you want to read an article about this story, read Stephen Messenger’s”Family Cleans House, Finds Pet Tortoise Missing Since 1982 in Science/Natural Sciences in February 4, 2013.




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