Pet Saves A Life

I have heard it enough to know that it isn’t just talk. Numerous stories have found their way to my ears about people who were so emotionally low and claim that animals kept them alive.  In plain English, their pets kept them from committing suicide.  One woman said “if it wasn’t for my cat, I would have ended my life.”

Another person, who suffered from severe depression, commented that having to take care of cat everyday gave her something to do and gave her a routine.  It forced her to get out of bed and move around.  There were days when she had to leave the house to buy pet food. 

One client had to quit working because his health was failing.  He wasn’t ready to retire, and hadn’t planned for a life after work.  He soon feel into a depression and spent much of his time on the couch.  His son decided that the best medicine for his dad was a dog.  Not too longer after the son realized that a pet might help his dad, a rescue dog was brought into the man’s life.  Sure enough, the dog had to be fed and walked, so the sofa was no longer the place where this depressed man spent most of his time.  It wasn’t much longer before the dog was in the car with the man going to the store and to other places.  The two became best friends.  To this day, the man still calls his canine buddy his best friend.

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