Pets And Immunity

Pets Boosts Infant Immunity To Infections

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This should surprise no one ho lives with animals or who knows people who do.  There is very little bad that can be said about living and loving pets.  You can complain about their vet bills.  You can cringe when you have to change litter boxes, pick up dog poop from a yard, yours or someone else’s, or clean out a bird or rabbit cage. (I guess their toilet is different from ours, right?)  You can complain about needy pets.  Have you forgotten about the needy people you know?  Your right it is different.  Clinging humans don’t usually follow you around like a shadow or rub against your feet or legs.  Perhaps, you don’t like loud barking or squawking?  What about those loud humans that grate on your every nerve?  Aren’t they too are obnoxious?

It is known that animals slow us down and force us to be present and live in the moment.  Of course, you can pet them and think about something or someone else.  Most people put aside what they are thinking about or rushing off to do to pay attention to furry and feathery friends.

It is known that my many who live with pets, that their affection is unconditional.  They seem to forgive us for irritating them yesterday and wag their tail or greet us at the door today.  (There are of course always the exceptions.  Case in point.   A neighbor’s brother took care of their cat while they were out of town on vacation.  The neighbor never learned what happened BUT the cat avoids the brother at all costs.  It has growled when the brother rings the doorbell.  If the brother is in the house, the cat leaves the room.  Only the cat and the brother know what transpired while this neighbor went on vacation. The cat is speaking loudly about it in its own way.  The human, well, he isn’t saying much.)

It is known that many seniors in hospital and other facilities perk up and respond to the company of pets.  There are reports of seniors with illness that prevent them from talking and responding to humans will come alive when an animal is put on their lap, bed or is close to their body.  Sometimes words are uttered or a hand is extended to touch the animal.

More is know, much more.




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