Pets- Better For The Soul Than Chicken Soup

Lately I have had the honor of hearing people share their stories about how their pets  have been comforting and even lifesavers after a family member passed away.  Time and time again people who love and live with pets share their tails/tales about how a beloved furry or feathery friend comforted them.

Sometimes grieving people have conversations with their pets that fill up the emptiness in their lives.  I recall a woman telling her cat “I know that you miss your dad.  You two were good buddies.”  she then picked up the cat and gave it a kiss on its forehead.  When she didn’t know what to do with herself after her husband passed away, having to feed the cat, change its litter box and water provided her with something some consistency and purpose.

A man told me about a conversation that he had with his dog after his wife of many years passed away.  The dog slept on the bed with him.  The two talked.  He said that the dog asked him if his mom was coming  home.  He told the dog no.  “God took her.”  He agreed with his pet that it wasn’t fair but nothing could be done.  He said his dog asked him if he took would be taken from him.  “I guess it is likely that I will be” he said.

It seems that the animals know exactly what they are doing.  My cat Finney did something she rarely does- sit on a woman’s lap.  She sat on the lap of a friend who had just lost her daughter about a month earlier!!

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