“Your subject matter (intuition development) is of vital importance to the success of the teens. I was very impressed that your were able to deal with such an eclectic group of kids, keeping the subject moving at a good pace, and involving the kids in an active thought provoking activity.” Randy Disend-B’nai Brith Youth Organization-Evergreen Region

“In working with Inner Design, I have found that I am doing a better job of hiring. You have shown me that my instincts are rooted in facts from past experiences and that I need to rely on them.” Valerie Thibeau-President, New Horizons Portland, Oregon

“I have consulted with Faye just a few times in the last couple of years, and relied on her insight to assist me in both personal and business decisions. During this time my business has grown dramatically. Her suggestions have been pivotal to this growth. Over the course of my career, this represents hundreds of thousands  of dollars.” Jon Fitzgerald-DPM

“Faye is truly remarkable. Her insight into the thoughts of our pets was ‘spot on.’ She relates events that only our dogs and we know. And best of all, she gives advice that truly works. She is a blessing in our lives.” Suzi Helmlinger-Your Higher Authority

“Yes, I’m pretty amazed at my boy!  If only I had had help from folks like you when I was his age.  I think it’s making a big difference in his confidence level over the choices that he makes.   HUGE!  Thank you again!”  Sharon Swezey – Mother

“Faye was a useful resource to me in learning how to trust what I already had– my intuition. Through helpful anecdotes and exercises, she coached me through some difficult work situations, helping me to understand where my coworkers were coming from, and aiding to create better relationships with them. This coaching can be applied to many aspects of your life, not just work. It even helped me pick out better birthday presents for my friends and family! It was great to check in with her every week to gain insight and encouragement, and build these skills.”- Genie Carter-Bioneers