The Best Birthday Gift!

Sometimes as careful as pet owners can be, unexpected things happened that startle and unnerve pets.  Sometimes they run. Sometimes they get lost. Sometimes they don’t return home.  Sometimes they do return even days later.

My fried Paul who lives in Pasadena, California had such an experience with his dog Lucky.  This dog is the size of a German Sheppard, but it is anyone’s guess what breeds lie within this canine.  He came to Paul last Christmas day by suddenly appearing on his doorstep. There was no tag around its neck that that might give a clue who this dog might be.  Paul named him Lucky, because he thought that the dog was lucky to have found a human that would take him in on Christmas day.  Perhaps Lucky knew that he had had arrived on the doorsteps of a dog lover who wouldn’t likely turn him away.

On Thursday, August 30th there was a thunderstorm in Pasadena that spooked Lucky.  He took off and Paul didn’t know where he went.  “I just want to know that he is okay,” he said.  “You know, I have gotten attached to him.  It is my birthday on Saturday (i.e. lousy timing)” he continued.

I talked with him yesterday after he had spent some time driving around the canyons near his home calling for Lucky to no avail.  He contacted local humane society and other groups to see if someone had picked up Lucky.  Nobody had.   This wasn’t a surprise.  He was such a skittish dog, who was badly frightened by this storm.  It was unlikely that anyone could catch him.

“Guess what came in the mail today?” he said.  It really wasn’t a question.   Paul gets a lot of mail and I wasn’t going to start guessing. “Lucky’s dog tag” he said.  Ironic it was, because he and I had very recently talked about getting a nametag for his new resident.  Last week Paul said “I am making it official.  I ordered a tag for Lucky.”  Now it seemed that it might have been too late EXCEPT both Paul and I had the feeling that Lucky was still alive.  We both believed that he wasn’t lost and that he would show up once he calmed down.

I told Paul to telepathically tell Lucky that he knew the way home.   I offered to work with him as well to let him know that he could safely go home.  I spoke with Paul yesterday morning, and learned that Lucky had still not returned.  Don’t give up I told him.  He is still out there.

Yesterday evening I had a voice mail from Paul.  Lucky was back!  He was very hungry and thirsty and seemed a little nervous.  He was letting Paul out of his sight and followed him around from room to room.   That is the best birthday gift that Paul could have asked or wished for.

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