When Ego Has A Collision With Intuition

I would like to say that it never happens but it does.  I did it again a few days ago.  I was tired, hungry and didn’t have a lot of time.  That is a set up for bad outcomes and it did produce bad results.

I needed to eat dinner, and didn’t have a lot of choices.  It was bad from the beginning.  The tempeh had been in the refrigerator for four or five days.  I picked it up and thought to myself I am not sure that this is fresh.. I came close to throwing it away. Throwing away food is against my nature.  So therefore I felt compelled to eat it

I decided to add a can of coconut milk to the tempeh but opened a can of diced tomatoes and threw that on top of the tempeh.  Does canned cooked tomato  go well wit tempeh?  I never asked the question.  I added can of coconut milk without thinking much about it except that I had planned to use a can of coconut milk, because I had two cases of the cans that I needed to start using them up.  There was nothing rational about this. So the need to not waste took over, and the result was I got sick.k

All this was not necessary except my will took over.This  serves as a reminder me that when I power through something because of my own ego, I get into trouble.

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