Where does intuition come from?

Many people get hung up on searching for a factual base for their gut feelings and ideas.  Sometimes there is no proof.  No, the proof is not always in the pudding. Humans have to accept that sometimes intuition does come out of nowhere.  Our four legged and our two legged friends don’t search for evidence.  They go with their gut.  It never ceases to amaze me how animals do not seem to have the filters that limit their ability to perceive and make sense of their world .  How many times have I heard a client tell me that he/she/they went on vacation and had someone come into the house to care for pets.  The person who took care of the animals noticed that the pets seemed to perk up on the very same day that their humans returned home.  Some animals actual sit by the door or near a window a few hours before their humans come home!!

If you have such a story, I would love to hear it.  Please share.

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