Your Pet And Clothes

Have you ever wondered how much money pet stores make just because they sell pet clothes?  A lot!  Years ago, a pet boutique owner in California told me that a company in Japan was starting to make pet clothes because it was so profitable and popular.  Many pet stores have more pet clothes and accessories than some people have!

I can’t remember the first time that I saw a dog wearing clothes.  It may have been on television and it may have been a news story about a dog fashion show.  I do remember a friend complaining about an unpleasant store owner who did not want to take back a dog sweater that did not fit on her little terrier.  This happened more than six years ago.  The trend started before this. No doubt, people living in cold climates have been putting sweaters on pets for a long time for a very practical reason.  What about those who live in warmer climates?  Why and for whose benefit?  Perhaps someone should start taking  the blood pressure of pets to learn if their numbers drop after clothes are put on them?  If so, is it the physical clothes or does all the attention and conversation surrounding the clothes and how they look in them reduce their blood pressure? Does it reduce human blood pressure as well?

As an animal communicator , I often telepathically talk to animals.  Some animals enjoy wearing clothes.  Others can’t stand it.  Some tolerate it to please their humans.  I do know that some dogs enjoy wearing different colored collars or scarves.  I couldn’t say for sure if it is the color, the praises or perhaps the feel of something new.

No matter what you think of this or how you feel about people spending money on pet clothes, it is not likely that people will be spending less money clothing theirfour-legged friends.  I suppose that if you don’t like garments on pets, then you probably don’t like animal toenails painted either.


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