2018 Predictions

2018 Predictions


What would you do if you were sitting in a boat with  four other people and the sailing got rough?  The waves were closing in on the boat, threatening to overturn it.   You looked at the water, and knew that the waves would bat you around and even possibly make you a little nauseous.  You had a knowing, a clarity that you would be ok and you trusted this knowing.  You stayed calm. You believed.

This year may be like your boat adventure, rough, very rough at times.  Yet, you find inner strength to make your world safe and strong.  You look around and observe that others have the similar thoughts and feelings.  People extend themselves to others.  People stand up and let their voices be heard through actions of all kinds.

Weather Patterns

Climate change causes greater havoc this coming twelve months.  Economic costs become more evident.  While gaining more recognition and acknowledgement among naysayers, it still has not reach a tipping point where enough eyes are opened enough to give it the respect that it has earned and deserves.

Minimum Wage

Growing demand for a $15 an hour minimum wage continues, knowing that this is hardly a living wage.


Maybe the year of the fearless journalists.  They recognize that democracy needs their reporting despite resistance.  Do not underestimate them!


Issue is still a heart wrenching and trigger issues with complex components and solutions.  Resistance remains strong and grows.  Immigration will be a key issue for many voters this year.

Spiritual Activism

Back to basics.  Clean out your closets.  What you haven’t used in the last twelve months may be cluttering your physical and, emotional and mental space.  Free yourself up.  Pay attention to acts of kindness. They are everywhere.  More people are waking up and becoming alive.   Getting in touch with one’s core essence extends to others.  What is it that I really value?  Troubled times beg this question, and provides answers if you seek to find your truths.


Not always easy to know what “healthy foods” means.   Food choices and nutrition are not “a one size fits all.”  Warning.  You may find yourself spending more time at home cooking.


Many big changes  happen this year.  Do not be shocked at what surprises you.   A New President?  Could very well be.  Big tidal wave represents huge currents for more honesty and transparency in government.  New candidates must address needs and interests of constituents.

Protest Movement

Protests are here to stay, at least for a long while.  Momentum and camaraderie are built here.


Economy is not healthy and many expect a collapse.   Watch the banks.  Observe how creativity sparks new business ideas and adventures.  Old ways crumble and new ideas emerge all year round.


Give yourself the time and energy to invest in your creative talents.  During these difficult times, creative endeavors can be sources of comfort and personal expression.  In fact, your creative talents are calling you to give birth.  Connect with that part of YOU!!  It will create great energy and contribute to the peace on earth that so wants to be born and take over.

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