A Visit With A Humming Bird

I was recently at a pet store to offer consultations. It was a slow day. To make the time go a little quicker, I talked with a food “rep” who was giving away pet food coupons for a company. She was also handing out sample packages of dried food for customers to take home and give to their furry and feather friends. Since there were not a lot of customers in the store that afternoon we had quite a conversation. She told me that when her mother passed away she was out gardening in the yard the following day. Her mother loved birds, particularly humming birds. While she was out in the yard, a very small humming bird landed on her finger and seemed to stare at her for a very long time. She was in total amazement. Was this a sign from her mother?

It was comforting for her. Isn’t this a wonderful story?!

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