Animals Know

I remember one of the first stories that I heard about an animal knowing that a person is sick or dying. It was a story given to me by a man whose name I don’t remember. The story took place in Salem, Oregon. The man who shared his story with me worked in a convalescent home. On his day off he sometimes brought his cat in to visit some of the residents.

The cat made itself at home and freely roamed from room to room, sometimes jumping up on the bed and lying next to the bedridden person. If the cat wanted to be petted it purposely parked its body within the reach of the person.

The cat visited several residents and when it wanted to go home, it stopped going into rooms. The man put it into its carrier and placed the cat into the car. Once it go home, it took a time out and find a relaxing place away from the humans in the house.

Of course the residents loved the visits and looked forward to the four legged animal’s presence. If one of the residents died, the cat seem to know and did not go into the room.

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