Can’t Afford The Time? Think Again!

How many times have most of us said this to ourselves and to others.  Do you think about time and not having it as much as you might say it out loud?

I have found that I am not good at estimating how long it takes to finish a project unless it is something that I do on a regular basis like cooking or exercising.  I think that I “should “be good at estimating how long it take to clean up in the kitchen, but I am NOT and clean up usually takes far longer than I anticipate.


Sometimes I think that if I get quiet and rely on my instincts to help me figure out  a  how long, I am still wrong.  It takes longer.  Maybe I find other things that need to be cleaned or put away.  Perhaps not all kitchen messes are not the same.

Sometimes in the middle of a clean up. I start to think about how nice it would be just to call a restaurant and order a delivery or stop someplace  and pick up a meal in a plastic container and carry it out in a plastic bag and somehow not feel guilty about the waste of resources that the earth will have to bear just because I didn’t want to cook or clean up.   Perhaps this is why I can count the number of times that I pick up a meal without thinking too hard.


It is not just the kitchen that gets me into “time shortage” trouble.  I find myself not taking time to call people because I am busy.  Wait a minute.   What kind of world am I living in?  I shake myself as if to remember not to rush.  It is times like this, when I tell myself to make the time. It makes a difference in my life.  Yes, it does even when I don’t think that it does.



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