Don’t Park The Car There

He didn’t have a good feeling about the car but he bought it anyway. He didn’t pay a lot for it. That was the easy part of it. He knew that repairing it would be expensive. He didn’t care, not at the time but then the car was relatively young, and like a young human, it didn’t have a lot of health problems. So he took his chance and bought it.

Four year later, the car had a few issues and would need some mechanical attention and an outpouring of money. Perhaps it was time to get rid of it. He tried and tried, but couldn’t find a buyer. So after awhile he gave up or perhaps it might be better to say that he took a break. He didn’t attempt to sell the car again until he met people who needed to that buy a car. Then he mentioned that his car was for sale. Still no buyers appeared.

So he kept insuring and driving the car. He parked the car in front of his house until the street parking became difficult. He began looking for another place to park the car. A relative offered a solution. Park the car in the church parking lot. It was a big lot and it was always almost empty at night. There was a metal gate at the entrance of the parking lot, prevented cars from driving through. However, the gate wasn’t locked and had anyone really taken a good look, it would have been easy to detect this.

Perhaps, had there been a lock on the gate, this story wouldn’t be told. He was safe for awhile, months, possibly for a couple of years. Then one morning it happened. He got a call from a relative who worked at the church informing him that someone had damaged the right front end of the car. No note was left, just the shattered glass and dented front end of the car told the tale.

He was angry. Who could do this? How could someone actually hit a car and not take responsibility? He hoped that someone had witnessed the accident and would come forward with information.

No informants appeared. While he waited and waited and hoped for the story of his car, he remembered that something told him not to leave his car there in the parking lot. Someone had warned him about leaving a car in the vacant lot at night. Yes, he had been warned but it was other people’s intuition, not his. He reflected upon the beautiful car that bought he purchased years earlier. It was his ego, not practicality, not gut instincts that put this vehicle in his life and then took away its beauty.

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