Great Decisions

Great Decisions

Taking Time May Lead To Fewer Mistakes

We often hear “use your time wisely.” You might think that this refers to not wasting time. What about taking time to slow down? See what happens. Taking time that you “don’t have” may prevent to make wise choices, may save time, money, energy, physical and emotional energy.

Too many clients have shared stories about drawing wrong conclusions, making choices too quickly, causing all kinds of disasters. One woman lamented her poor hiring choices that came about because she rushed decisions and not seeking the advice of her managers. Another client told me that while under pressure to hire a manager, he offered the job to the wrong candidate which cost his company both time and money.

People pleasing can be a cause of poor decision-making. Not wanting to say no, my cousin hired her friend’s daughter, who badly needed employment, to take care of her mother. Within a year, my cousin discovered that the friend’s daughter had been stealing money from her mother.

Not taking time may include not asking oneself enough questions, doing enough research to make optimal decisions. Not taking time may prevent one from receiving inspiration and input. Perhaps some quiet time will lead to ideas that only present themselves because the mind is still and receptive. Taking reflection time to ask yourself what you know about the questions at hand allows both intuition and your logical side to have conversations.

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