How Come Some Things Get Eaten and Others Don’t?


Why is it some people survive accident after accident and others have one and end up in the hospital or die?  You probably know people who have survived car accidents, falls, bad cuts,  serious burns and illness that make you cringe?  Is there intuition involved?  Is it karma?  Is it?  Is it? What is it?

I was reminded of this recently when a plumber was killed on his motorcycle after an elderly woman driver ran into him.  He could have missed the stop had he gone down a different street or been there at a different time?

Today I was watering a friend’s house.  I walked through a backyard and through a canyon.  I heard an animal sound but didn’t see anyone. I looked around and still nothing. The sound didn’t go away so someone was aware of my existence and was  perhaps watching me.    Suddenly a cat came trotting out in such a catlike fashion  from wherever she had been hiding.   I say “she” because I recognize her by her colors and her missing tail.  She and I have visited many times at a neighbor’s house and on the street sidewalks.

IMG_3942This cat must have some kind of intuition to survive in this neighborhood where coyotes have seriously reduced the cat and dog population in the neighborhoods.  I petted her for a few minutes and watched her stretch out on the grass beneath her.  No sooner had she stretched out, she sat up and looked around. Yes, she was listening and watching.  Perhaps that is what saved her from the jaws of hungry coyotes.  Only she knows.


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