Humans Have Some Things In Common With Our Animal Companions

yona2006blacktri1dSome people compare people to animals.  Doesn’t he look like his dog?  I get along well with my cat.  We are both strong-willed. I met my match. Sometimes it is true.  We look like them and they look like us.  My cat doesn’t look at all like me, but like me, she is not a picky eater.  Perhaps, I should say, I am like her.  I eat a wide variety of vegetables and am open-minded about trying new foods.   Most people who live with animals can find similarities too.

Seldom do people talk about how they age like their furry and feathery friends. Their hair turns a different color.  Aches and pains slow the movements down. One day I watched my 19-year-old cat stare at a squirrel and just watch it.  I remember the says when she might chase it.  I wonder if she remembers those days too. Sometimes standing and siting become more complicated and navigating in and out of chairs and cars occupies an unwanted portion of our brain.  Sleeping patterns change for both parties and snoozing becomes a sought after commodity. And there is more.  Some of us lose our teeth as do our furry companions.  Seniors often spend more time visiting doctors.  The same is often true of pets.  Ask pet owners and you might hear how costly these trip to the vets are.

Perhaps we have more in common than we realize. do we see  a part of ourselves in them?

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