I wont show you a picture!

Here is one that I hope will give you a laugh or bring a smile to your face. I rarely make chicken soup these days because my soups are mostly vegetarian. Earlier this week I made an exception. I decided to use the chicken in the refrigerator to make a soup. The first mistake I made was breaking my own rule of cooking when I am tired. It almost always is a mistake, if not a disaster.

There were not many vegetables in the refrigerator which should not have been a problem. I have enough spices and had some squash. I had carrots, both yellow and purple. I reached for the purple one, not thinking through my decision. Guess what- purple chicken soup. No, you don’t want to see a picture. The intuition was never consulted, my intuition.

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  • Kendra Hume

    October 28, 2021 at 4:51 pm

    Haha! So funny!

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