Intuition and Skin Rashes!?

Intuition and Skin Rashes!?

My skin kept breaking out in a rash and the itching was unbearable.. First it was my toe and then it was my fingers. I didn’t know why my skin kept developing a rash. I had lots of questions. Was there something in the house? Months earlier I had stepped into the garden wearing sandals to turn the compost in the garden. Could some bug in the garden have gotten into my skin?

Soon afterwards my chin started breaking out. Then it was my hands. Wait a minute! I had not been in the garden wearing sandals in months. Was it stress? Funny, my blood pressure had been in the normal range for the last month and I actually was consciously taking time to relax.

My inner detective came alive. It had to be something close by. Wait a minute!! What had I been using to wash my hands? I walked over to the bottle that said natural and gluten-free and turned it around and there it was. Yes, a whole list of chemicals and additives. I hadn’t looked at the entire list of ingredients before purchasing the product.

I immediately stopped using the liquid and within two days the rash disappeared! Next time,I hope that I take time to read all the ingredients. Perhaps the rash and itchy skin had been unpleasant enough to remind me to be more careful!

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