Intuition or Wishful Thinking?

Intuition or Wishful Thinking?

Yes, I have to admit that I thought that it might be food. Yes, I had been thinking about food. Yes, I was hungry.

It was a gift from the person who came to the house almost weekly to collect compost.  I had been admiring her stainless steel metal container that she brought to collect the food scraps and coffee grinds.  So when she left the bag on the front porch for me, I was thrilled to see the container that I had been admiring.

As I stared at it and thanked her, I heard ” There is something inside for you.” Was it food?  Was it fruit or vegetables from her garden?  Perhaps her mother had cooked some Vietnamese food and given me some.”  I

I couldn’t get into the house quick enough to look inside the container.  I placed the container on a chair and lifted up the lid.  This is what I saw. Yes, I was sort of right. sort of, kind of but not really.  Food  it was but not for me.  It belonged to the compost pile.



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