It Was Doomed From The Start

I wanted to make my ice cream and freeze it in 4 or 5 eight ounce  white glass yogurt containers.  I only had an hour in the kitchen before I had to move on to do other things.  One of the most important ingredients that I needed to make the ice cream to give it some bulk, I did not have.  I had no cooked beans or baked sweet potato.  There was a can of cooked black beans in the basement, but I was determined do  it my way and fail.

Failing was necessary because it would prove to me that I could not easily make ice cream that had texture and flavor without an ingredient that would provide some bulk.  It was simply not enough just to freeze the ingredients.  (I have learned over the years that often only a few ingredients were needed to create a recipe.  This has been true for my ice cream. It is usually something to bulk up the ice cream to make it smooth and have the same texture, a sweetener, some liquid, and  one-three flavors.  From this, countless different tasting ice cream can be made.)

So on this particular day, I decided to proceed anyway.  I took a can of coconut milk and blended it with some cocoa powder, blueberries, a few chocolate chips and some powdered coffee together.  It was all done in a few minutes, and the concoction was completed.  I knew from the past, while this might not be great tasting, it would likely taste better than most commercial ice cream.  Furthermore, if the past was any indication, it would be edible.

I waited a day to test my invention.  It was exactly as I suspected, edible but not something to suggest to anyone.  So, the next time I want to make ice cream, I will make sure that I have ALL my ingredients on hand.  After all, mediocre homemade ice cream is not acceptable, when excellent ice cream is easy to make.

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