It Wasn’t About Cereal

Ever felt like something was in charge and it wasn’t you? Ever felt that the words that came out of your mouth were not ones that you spoke? Of course you have. You are a human . You are alive.

Words came thru me one day that may have been there to protect me from verbal screaming when I was so angry that I wasn’t sure that I would stop myself. I may have had a little, perhaps a lot of help from my inner compass.

Feed Them Cereal

I sat at the kitchen table playing cards with two friends. We were taking a break and one of us started talking about homelessness and poverty . Somehow we got on the subject of blacks and Latinos. I don’t remember much of the conversation except the very end when someone asked “Why don’t they feed them cereal in the morning.?” She was referring to the children.

My first reaction was anger. I was furious I wanted to yell at her, or at her ignorance. I held myself in check before I did some verbal violence. I took a good look at the face that the question came from. She is 91 years old. She is a kind person. Everyone who meets her adores her.

Intuition Guided Me

I looked before I spoke and I am quite sure that my intuition had its hand in guiding me. Words came out of my mouth. I stuck to the facts. Sometimes kids have parents who are in prison and are not home to make food for them in the morning. Many people are falsely incarcerated. Sometimes parents work several jobs and are not home in the morning to pour cereal into a bowl for their children. Maybe they are home but are getting ready for a job or don’t have time or money to go to the store to buy some.

No More Was Said

It worked. Bravo.  The 91 year old woman seemed to take in my words.   She listened without saying a word.   A couple of minutes later we continued playing cards. Nothing more was said about cereal, at least not that evening.

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