Managing Intuition In The Workplace by Tom Graves

“We need always to remember that intuition complements analysis – it’s no substitute for careful thought! And like a dim star at night, intuition does tend to come and go, and vanishes if we try to look straight at it. Yet if you can safely experiment with it at work, do so wherever practicable – because it helps you to know and trust your own judgement.
Even if you can’t act on those feelings, watch for any feedback – indications of what happened about the context of your ‘hunch’. Sometimes your feeling will be proved right; sometimes – often, at first! – it will be proved wrong. Notice if there are any patterns in what works and what doesn’t. If there are, support those patterns any way that you can.
Intuition is perhaps the most powerful tool we have – especially at work. It’s part of us – in many ways is us. And allowing ourselves to trust and use our intuition helps make work itself more meaningful and satisfying. Try it!”

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