My Brillian Cat. My Stupid Human

It was a long time ago, a very long time ago. There were twenty-five professional business women attending their monthly meeting at a well-known athletic club in Portland, Oregon. The women had been meeting for years and knew each other well. They met in the same room each month. The meeting room was upstairs next to the steps which made it easy to find. In my mind’s eye, I can still see the stairs leading up to the second floor room where the women met. There was a metal cart outside the room that was used to collect dinner dishes, making space way for desert and a hot beverage of one’s choice.

However this isn’t what was memorable. It was the conversation. I was the guest speaker with the sole purpose of introducing my topic-intuition and decision-making. These women were eager to hear what I had to say and had lots to share about inner knowledge and wisdom. This group was like many other groups I had spoken with in the past, alive and forthcoming with experiences, and eager to discover more.

Alive With Enthusiasm

The room was alive with enthusiasm and conversation. Many shared. Many asked questions. However, there is one story that has stayed with me. It is the story of cat intuition. The cat is no longer living but the story is kept alive by those who have heard it and continue to share it including me.

This is the story one woman shared. Whenever she dated a man, she relied on her cat to tell her if he would be a good partner for her. If the cat disapproved of her man, she stopped dating him. That evoked the obvious question. How did the cat warn her about her date? This is how. The cat showed its displeasure by defecating in the man’s shoes, an organic and natural response, right? Now, you might wonder if the litter box needed changing or maybe it didn’t have an indoor box. Maybe the cat didn’t use an indoor box. While these might be logical assumptions, they did not play a role in the cat’s behaviour.

Everyone in the room laughed. Her cat now had our attention. In my experience, animals sometimes go to great lengths to get their humans’ to notice someone or something. Perhaps this cat’s instincts drove it’s extraordinary deed.

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