Peace and Intuition- A Possibility?

It is trite but true, the world is in chaos. Many pray and meditate for something, somebody somewhere to shift the negativity.  I meditate almost every morning and usually the day is a better day if it begins with this quiet time.

Pray Harder

Sometimes, in a very child-like way, I convince myself that if I pray harder, with more intensity, maybe the world with change.  A voice in my head asks”Who are you fooling?  You are only one person.”  Then doubt settles in and attempts to take up residence.  How rude.  It is an unwanted interference.   Or so I think, but if I didn’t let it in, then who did??

The battle intensifies in my head until I disengage and put a new thought into place.  My attention  goes to a more peaceful and calm idea.

More peaceful People=More World Peace

Have you had similar experiences?  In your times of quiet, have you ever fantasized that if only enough people wanted more peace on this planet, there just might be a new world?  Just curious. Actually, more than curious.


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