People Are More Intuitive Than They Realize

Most people are more intuitive than they realize.  I am constantly reminded of that in my work. Clients often tell me I knew it, but I wanted you to confirm it.  Sometimes they tell me that they wish they wished that they trusted their gut more often.

Years ago, a woman called asking if I could help her develop her psychic skills.  She came to my Portland office and we spent an hour together working  on developing her intuitive muscle . I gave her some exercises to help her practice her abilities.  She came back to my office a few weeks later to talk about her experiences and to fine tune her abilities.  I gave her some suggestions and some exercises to practice.   Before she left my office she told me that her sense of smell was so keen that it provided her with insight into people.    Wow, I thought. What a gift!  I can’t even smell food that is spoiling unless it is really bad!!

It reminds me that we are all born psychic.  We all rely on our senses to tell us about our world.  Most of us are not accustomed to thinking about ourselves as intuitive creatures!!!

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