2013 Predictions

We all make predictions everyday when we make statements about what we think will happen to people, places and situations. We purchase gifts for people or think about an upcoming job interview and choose what to wear.  We predict that a recipe or a meal will be loved at a dinner party.  If you ever play matchmaker, you are a forecaster.  If you are searching to save money, perhaps you predict who has the best prices and save you money.  Forecasting may occur when people choose colors for such things like hair, clothing, canvasses, toys, etc.

The biggest predictions for this year are that nothing should surprise anyone. Change is in the air.  Economic, environmental and other factors force changes in attitudes.


During these difficult times, creativity is on the rise.  New products and services abound, as do ways of resolving conflict and not so pleasant situations.  This is a great way to unite people.


Children play an important role in bringing the world together.  When adults are too ego driven, turn to the young ones whose hearts are open and receptive.  They badly crave peace and serenity and keep their minds open to finding ways.  The young ones are also great teachers about letting go and forgiving.


Speaking of children, look forward to new children’s movies filled with fun and fantasy.  Adults also love these movies.  This should be a good year for movies, which is important during difficult times.  People need an escape and this art form is a great venue for losing oneself for ninety minutes or longer.


Congress continues to be so polarized that it is no wonder that little gets accomplished.  The public is disgusted. We will continue to hear more from the 99%.  Their numbers continue to grow, as does the motivation for their discontent.  Be assured that although there may not be a lot of television coverage, they have not disappeared. Individual congress members retire because they too are fed up.  This will pave the way for people to run for office in greater numbers who “haven’t been purchased by lobbies, companies, etc.  In fact, political candidates will have a difficult time being elected.

More and more politicians leave the D.C. area because it is so difficult to get “anything done” in Washington.  The public will hear about the great efforts and activities of many of these who have “defected.”


Despite a surge in the current housing market, there will continue to be good deals for those with patience looking to purchase a home.  It is doubtful that the housing market will see a big recovery this year.


The world economy continues to be sluggish, with major efforts continuing to solve very difficult challenges.  Economic recovery is tentative in most countries.  We are still in the doldrums.

Corporate CEOs continue to make headlines for bad decision-making and for their large bonuses that fuel the fire for public outrage.  It is little surprise that their bad reputation, if you will, continues.


Look for exciting and innovation in science.  Advances and discoveries in medicine will be bright spots this year.


Although education has come under attacked from many sources for numerous reasons, education becomes an increasing priority.  More and more people, including young children, realize how important education is.  Expect to hear more children and teenagers valuing education and talking about higher education.


Changes in food supplies, due to weather changes and crop infestations impact the pocketbook of consumers.  People learn to make other choices and to eat more locally grown food.   Speaking of food, a brewing national discussion about what constitutes organic foods will continue.   Ultimately, there will be laws passed to ensure that food people who say there food is organic is really organic.   This is a much more complicated issue than it appears to be.  Farmers will be experimenting with ways to not use pesticides and chemicals on foods they grow.  Many “growers” put their heads together and share information and ideas for the great good- the public.


Cooking from scratch will continue to be more common.  We have just seen the beginnings of this.   More food clubs and groups as well as cookbooks will help. Food internet websites, cooking groups and clubs and food television shows will see an increase in popularity.  Food is still in and so is home cooking.


Go Green Go is a cheer for the ever-growing movement that is not only popular but is growing by leaps and bounds.  It is still in its infancy stages, but it won’t be too long.


Every year, famous people die.  Losses this year may include at least one former United States president, international politicians, actors, musicians and others.  Expect some “shockers,” but that is part of life and living.

Next year I will post some predictions from others.  Please feel free to email me yours at [email protected].  I look forward to hearing from those of you who are willing to share.

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