President Biden Really Does Have a Black and White Cat!

President Biden Really Does Have a Black and White Cat!

A few weeks ago, i had the strangest dream.  Now that may not be saying much because dreams often seem strange, leaving the dreamer to ponder.  What is stranger than the actual dream, is that weeks later I still remember all the details.

It was a very short dream.  President Biden was  walking on the Venice, California beach wearing polyester turquoise blouse and a long skirt that was pink with yellow and orange stripes.  It was exactly the same pink and stripped skirt that someone I went to high school with wore.  I don’t know if he was wearing shoes.

Behind the President  stood a  tall black man wearing a dark colored three piece suite with a white colored wire behind his ear.  He seemed to be watching over the President.  Perhaps he was a secret service  staff member.   He was worried that someone would recognize the President wearing a skirt and a blouse.

Biden was staring straight ahead looking for his cat  who had run off and was somewhere on the beach.  He was clearly on a mission to find his runaway cat and  seemed to have no awareness  that of what he was wearing or maybe he didn’t care.

Then I woke up.  I laughed at the idea of President Biden in a skirt and was intrigued by the fact that the pattern was same as my schoolmate’s.  I was taken by the determined look in the President’s face.  About three weeks later I looked up Biden cat on Google to see if the cat in the dream might be black and or black and white.  Yes indeed, the cat in the White House seemed to match the cat in the dream!

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