What Does Your Heart Tell You?

You might call it intuition in action in each episode.  Perhaps one might expect this when one doesn’t have all the facts and wants to piece together the puzzle that is both mysterious and perhaps maddening at the same time.  “What does your heart tell you?”   “My gut tells me” are two lines that are common themes that speak to paying attention to one’s intuition in each episode of Catfish The TV Show.   It is a high drama show of people who are dating online and have not met their online relationship in person.  The producers of the show bring the two parties together.  As one might imagine, the unexpected is often the reality. The show is on Hula.  (It you similar to Netflix with movies and television shows that subscribers can see online.) Is it worth recommending?  That is questionable. If you enjoy detective shows and seeing people use both logic and their gut reactions to solve online dating mysteries, maybe.

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