What If?

What if?


Yes, what if you didn’t mind being afraid?

Yes, what if you could be with the uncertainty?

Yes, what if the tension in your body wasn’t frightening?

Yes, what if what other people said didn’t faze you?

Yes, what if you didn’t believe that limitations existed?

Yes, what if you knew that your soul wouldn’t let you stop searching, pursuing, reaching, gazing?

Can you imagine?

Dare you imagine?

Are you willing to imagine?

Does your belief system allow you to imagine?

Is it conceivable that imagination is a birthright?


Is it possible that your dreams might be reality waiting for you to open your mind’s door?

Is it possible that the inner you has a wisdom beyond and above your expectations?

What if possibilities are the fabric of life?

What if imaginations outnumbered fears?


What? Who? You?



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