Would you call it luck, intuition or just a coincidence?

It started two nights ago when an idea popped into my head to check the price of kinesiology tape in local stores before purchasing it at Target or Rite-Aid. (I have been using the tape on the bottom of my feet to support my weak muscles around my arches.  I have been fortunate that someone had been changing the tape on a weekly basis for me.  Now that had changed.  I needed to purchase the tape and change the tape myself.)  I searched online and learned where I could purchase it if I didn’t want to go into a store.  Not wanting to risk purchasing an online product that might not work, I decided to buy the tape in a store where I could easily return the tape.

I first checked at Rite Aid and found the tape with 20 strips for $24.99.  Wow, that was a lot of money for tape!  So, I walked over to a Target store a few blocks away, hoping to find a less expensive box.   There was a box of 20 strips of kinesiology tape for the same price.

I was ready to give up and buy the tape when I thought about the idea that popped into my head guiding me to search.  Well, there was one more option, and it was within a twenty-minute walk, and off I went.

I walked into the store and asked if kinesiology tape was something they sold.  I was told that “If we have it, it will be on aisle 35 or 37.”  So, I went looking and couldn’t find it.  I wasn’t ready to give up yet, and I headed to customer service to inquire.  Yes, the tape was sold, and was on the right side of aisle 33.  Sure, enough there on aisle 33 were two boxes on sale for $12.99!  I took one box and headed back to customer service to buy it.  I asked the customer service employee how long the sale would last.  Perhaps Wednesday I was told.  After I tried the tape the following day, I would return and buy more if I could use the tape.

I was about to exit the store and changed my mind. I returned to aisle 33 to read the sale expiration date.  It was four days earlier!!  Someone, or some people, had neglected to remove the sale sign!  I took the remaining box off the self and purchased it.

I felt lucky, but was it luck?  I didn’t care.  I had a nice walk and a fun adventure. Saving money was fun but the hunt was more exhilarating as was listening to the guidance that guided me to search!

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