Write It Down!!!!

Write It Down!!!!

Has somebody every given you a fact or two, a piece of a puzzle that you have been investigating, exploring, contemplating? It was as if you made it known that you were searching, and someone or something provided you with ideas, possibilities. While these “gifts” may not provide you answers, they may give you food for thought.

I was so lucky not too long ago.  I called a person who works for a well-known food company and spoke to a woman in customer service.  For confidentially reasons I won’t write her name here. I don’t have her name.  She told me but regrettably I didn’t write it down. I have more questions.

We talked about healthy eating, food expiration dates on products, and how and why some products are sold in discount stores. Since, I had already taken fifteen minutes of her time, I didn’t want to keep her on the phone any longer.

She did leave me with a something to think about that will add content or my book.  I am glad that I wrote that much down.  One never knows when and where information or ideas will grow into something larger than simple facts.


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