Intuition And Imagination

“Imagination is often associated with creativity. Intuition, on the other hand, is often associated with the feelings a person has regarding a particular situation.”

The statement was taken from an article discussing the difference between intuition and imagination.  Read more by going to

It is easy to believe that imagination and intuition are one and the same, because intuition can lead to engaging the imagination.  One might want to paint a kitchen wall a certain color because of a sense, a hunch, an idea, etc.  This may be followed by imagining what that color might actually look like and perhaps you even ruminate on it, asking or waiting for guidance from your inner voice.

A co-worker once used his imagination to envision a drive through coffee business to offer people in cars a way to get a cup of hot beverage and remain in their cars.  This was years before such businesses were widespread.  He had a gnawing feeling that he needed to act quickly before someone else thought of offering this product to drivers.  He didn’t pursue this business idea and it wasn’t too long afterwards that drive-up coffee businesses sprung up in many places. He had missed his opportunity.

Imagination can lead one to picture a new product or service.  Intuition can help pave a path to actualizing it.  Are they one and the same?  Do the go hand-in-hand?  Do highly intuitive people also have a good imagination?

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