2015 Predictions

It is that time of year AGAIN.  Every year, I  use my intuition  and take a look into the next year.  Last year I had every intention of posting other people’s predictions. I  asked people to submit their ideas.  Since, I  didn’t receive any, I am only listing mine.  Your predictions and comments are welcomed and appreciated as always.

What a year 2014 was!  There weren’t many dull minutes. More  can be expected in 2015.  The world is in turmoil as it marches toward new ways of being, something like a snake shedding skin.   Some  changes have been born and some have yet to be conceived.

Weather Patterns

  • Difficult to predict weather
  • Storms, earthquakes, humidity, tornadoes in unexpected places
  • Droughts continue
  • Food production affected by weather

 Minimum Wage

  • The movement is afoot and growing.
  • More states raise the minimum wage.
  • Look at the fine print.  This is not a smooth sailing.


  • More are targets of violence.  More lose their lives.
  • Journalists will not be stopped.  Many have a heartfelt belief in FREEDOM OF  THE PRESS.
  • The movement to expose governments, individual politicians, companies, etc., has not yet reached its peak. Look out!


  • Continues to be heated and controversial
  • Polarizing political issue, particularly for 2016 candidates
  • Will not be resolved in the forseeable future

Genetically Modified Foods

  • Growing movement that will  escalate into a tidal wave
  • Large amounts of money will not be able to influence minds at the ballot box or stop states from passing TELL US WHAT IS IN THE FOODS.

Protest Movements

  • People will not be silenced
  • New organizations and groups will find their voices and demand to be heard.
  • Protesters will have an  impact on the upcoming 2016 presidential elections.


  • Sluggish can describe this year’s economy
  • Few and almost negligent  gains for most people
  • The United States is losing economic opportunities to be on the forefront of the Go Green Movement.  Will this country wake up in time to fully seize opportunities?  May not want to hold  your breath.
  • Interest rates may go up. Yes, it seems inevitable.
  • Banks and investments um, oh, ouch!  Watch and listen to whistle blowers and reports. Leaks abound!


  • Watch him become bolder this year. Expect some surprises.
  • Congress becomes difficult but not impossible for him
  • Has some success in the international arena
  • May not be such a huge liability to 2016 democratic candidates

Gearing Up For Elections of 2016

  • Politicians will have to pay attention to protests movements.
  • More voters want a viable third-party.
  • Hillary Clinton won’t toss her hat into the ring unless she done her homework ,and sees a clear path to the White House. She will have to reckon with young voters and move away from her center and  her comfort zones.  This is not an easy sales pitch.
  • Money will not buy ALL elections.  Grassroots movements mobilize.
  • College students and minorities come out in large numbers to vote.
  • Election year may show signs that someday money and politics may change in a profound way, meaning we get money out of politics.

Go Greens Go

  • Interest in healthy foods continues to skyrocket.
  • More stores and restaurants cater to greens that look like weeds.  Watch people become creative.
  • Cooking from scratch isn’t so unusual and is a movement on the rise.



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