2014 Predictions

Many people make predictions.  Some are accurate some of the time.  Few get it right 100% of the time.  It is somewhat a game of guesswork, a chance.  Every year I post my mine.  The following are some thoughts for 2014.

Weather Patterns

Bizarre and extreme weather patterns continue.

  • More natural disasters
  • More people believe these changes are the result of climate change
  • Costs of climate change contribute to growing international conversation
  • Impacting crops and food production

More Disclosures

  • Journalists won’t be deterred
  • Revelations abound
  • World has its eyes wide open

The Economy

Bright Spot

  • People become resourceful, innovate and create more with less
  • Appreciation for nonmaterial world increases
  • Self-contentment grows
  • New innovative businesses sprout
  • People seek more education and follow a path to prepare for meaningful employment

Another Difficult Year

  • Many of the new jobs are low paying
  • More stories about bank frauds
  • More stories about CEO salaries and bonuses
  • Few states raise minimum wage to $12-$15 an hour, more to follow.  It is popular!
  • International tension and disasters result in price changes at the gas pump.



  • This is just the beginning of a long and winding road
  • In 3-6 months it will be smoother
  • Will not hurt the Democrats in the upcoming elections
  • Insurance companies and politicians continue to fight against it
  • States come up with innovative programs


  • Continues to be a red hot issue
  • Congress makes an attempt to pass Legislation
  • This issue won’t go away and politicians – BEWARE!


  • Obama averts a war
  • The Democrats have a difficult time holding on to the Senate
  • Growing rumblings for a third party
  • Scandals- Is Anyone REALLY shocked?
  • Hillary- Not a Shoe-in
  • Changes happen at state level
  • New breed of politicians emerges-Power To  People

Water  and Food

  • GMO battles continue with some consumer wins
  • Garden it yourself gains EVEN more momentum
  • Continue to be valuable commodities
  • Healthy living changes lifestyle for those  who partake

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