2019 Predictions

2019 Predictions

Suggestions for your own self-care during these turbulent times.

  • Stay centered so you don’t get caught up in personal and political  dramas.
  • Remember that life changes.
  • Invest in your mental and physical wellness.  It is as good as money in the bank, maybe better
  • When considering your purchases ,  asking the following question.  Is it good for me? Is it good for the planet?  Am I supporting businesses that are in alignment with my values?
  •  Do not take information at face value.  Ask questions.  Time spent researching may prove to be  worthwhile.  Remember that someone you know or don’t know can answer or address your questions.
  •  Find your passion.  If you don’t have one, fine something that delights you to no end.  We all need something that is ours, something that engages our spirit and feeds us non edible nutrients.

If you thought 2018 was intense, look out.  This next year promises to be more challenging.  Like the earth with its unpredictable behaviors, so is 2019.  While many things remain the same, surprises are many.  One of the most important things citizens can do is to find ways to find peace.  Perhaps this is one reason why people flock to places of worship, practicing meditation and various modalities. People search for ways to be calm and not get caught up in all the surrounding dramas.

Climate Change

This has become the new normal.  Stop being surprised.  The costs spiral and along with it the devastating effects.  Hearts are broken. Lives are destroyed.

Minimum Wage

Growing demand for a $15 an hour minimum wage continues, knowing that this is hardly a living wage.


They  continue to be heroes.


This international issue won’t go away.  Look for some creative ways to address the complexities.


Not always easy to know what “healthy foods” means.   Food choices and nutrition are not “a one size fits all.”  Warning.  You may find yourself spending more time cooking at home and reading labels on cans and packages.  There will be more stringent regulations and labeling disclosures in the next few years as the public demands it.  Food safety becomes more and more important as the public learns about unclean and dangerous food sources.


Many big changes  happen this year.  Do not be shocked at what surprises you.  There will be a day, a time, when  more checks and balances are in place and accountability is foreign.

Protest Movement

Protests are here to stay, at least for a long while.  Momentum and camaraderie are built here.  Protesters come from all walks of life and many professions.  Do not be surprised if some group that you would never expect to take to the streets.


Two simple words-not good.  The question is how bad will it get this year?  It is possible that next year may be worse than 2019.


Give yourself the time and energy to invest in your creative talents.  During these difficult times, creative endeavors can be sources of comfort and personal expression.  In fact, your creative talents are calling you to give birth.  Connect with that part of YOU!!  It will create great energy and contribute to the peace on earth that so wants to be born and take over.


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