I Can’t Get Her to Return My Phone Calls

I Can’t Get Her to Return My Phone Calls

No one could blame her frustration.  She works for a nonprofit organization that she really l likes and appreciates. their vision and mission.  She is proud of the work they do to make the world more environmentally friendly.  She has one problem and it is no small one.  Her boss is difficult to communicate with and often she feels that she is “chasing her” to get answers that she needs to do her job.  This woman collects all her comments and questions so she can get her answers addressed all at one time.

Manager Agrees With Her

This creates stress and anxiety and impacts her work.  She has “kindly” addressed the issue with the manager by letting her know that she can work more efficiently and effectively if she has the information to make important decisions.  Her manager agrees with her and is inconsistent with making herself more available.

The woman doesn’t want to leave her job but doesn’t like the issues she has that could be partially or entirely avoided if her manager would make more time for her.  Now, she is not the only one confronted with these issues.  You and or someone close to you may also be experiencing these challenges.

Intuition May Help Solve The Problem

In cases like these, intuition can be helpful in attempting to problem solve the situation.  Asking yourself what is the best way, best time,best day, etc. to get someone’s attention may help.  Thinking about what has worked in the past is another possibility.  What words did you use ?  Is there a typical tone that your manager (or whoever is your challenge) responds to might also be useful.

Sometimes There Is No Good Answer

Sometimes there is no good answer to your problem and a decision has to be made if it is worth your time and energy to make the attempt.  An honest conversation with your inner being may assist you in making the decision.  What do you have to lose?



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