2022 Predictions

2022 Predictions


Covid will wax and wane over the next year while distrust and skepticism of government, media, and the medical profession skyrockets.

What Do You Observe?

Does nothing appear to be the same? Does much seem different? The weather can’t be predicted leaving us to become comfortable with the uncomfortable. That is just the beginning of a changing world. Changes can be observed in our schools, workplace, doctors’ offices and more. Our thinking is also changing. It is happening on a global level.

Not everyone wakes up and observes the changing world. Not everyone understands that the world is shedding its old skin so a new one can be born. Some people will not go back to old ways and are searching for, discovering, and demanding new possibilities/solutions.

People are waking up in places that might surprise you. For example, a small take-out food place that might be considered a hole in the wall, suddenly stops using plastic plates favoring more environmentally friendly ones that biodegradable.

We face crises that are physical, emotional, and spiritual. Myths are crumbling around us. Some include:

  • Human dominance of over other humans, nature and animals are just a way of life.
  • Problems will go away on their own.
  • Consumption feeds the soul.
  • Some humans are more valuable than others.
  • Security comes in the from of monetary currency.
  • Freedom is guaranteed.

Climate Change

Is costly and continues to confront humans with more displays of the earth’s discontent, begging and demanding that we take notice. We are not the boss or even somewhat in control.

Minimum Wage

Growing demand for a $15 an hour minimum wage continues, with more people receiving this amount and more per hour.


They  continue to be heroes and play a critical role in maintaining democracy. We need them more than ever. Some come “out of the woodwork” because they feel that they have no choice. Some quietly or not so quietly whisper their words to others who in turn pass them along.


Food shortages due to climate change and issues with food delivery systems become more prominent. Some are real and some are manufactured to raise prices and to upset consumer and divert attention from other important issues. Ask for explanations, and you will get truth and plausibilties. Do you like/appreciate the guessing game?

Interests in healthy eating grows exponentially and some people are willing to pay for “real” nutrient dense rich fruits and vegetables and beginning to commit to cooking from scratch. More people read labels and understand what they are purchasing.

Begin demanding better food and being willing to pay more for healthy food. Invest in the earth and its soil. That is money well spent.


Distrust, disgust and skepticism grow. Expect to hear about corruption among politicians (corporations, and everyday citizens). People start taking back their power by running for political office, demanding that politicians start working for them, not wealthy corporations. The old male guard is changing. More women are elected to political office at the local, state and national level and are leading the way for change.

Protest Movement

Protests of all kinds all around the world continue to grow in size as do the number of strikes. You may only hear about a fraction of these in the mainstream media.


Two simple words-not good.  The question may be “How Soon?” How soon will the economy crash? The economy is barely treading water. Many will have less and learn to live with less. Some don’t mind having fewer material “goods” and actually report having more meaning in their lives appreciating the kindness of others and other intangibles.

Some good comes out of the ashes of the “horrible.” For some, it is a springboard for new ideas and creations. Sometimes people are most creative when their backs are pinned to the wall. Lots of inventions, brainstorming, both individually and groups form to solve, create and pave new paths. It is both a difficult and exciting time.


Give yourself time and energy and invest in your creative talents.  During these difficult times, these endeavors can be sources of comfort and personal expression.  In fact, your creative talents are calling you to give birth.  Connect with that part of YOU!!  It contributes to great energy and to the peace on earth that so wants to be born and take over.

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