A Farmer’s Market Vendor Reminds Me

A Farmer’s Market Vendor Reminds Me

It happened yesterday, Sunday morning. Sunday was my designated day to go to the farmer’s market and buy my produce.  Yesterday was different, because I didn’t get to the market until almost noon. a couple of hours later than my usual 9:30-10:30 time.

My time at the market would be short, limited by the  small amount of cash in my purse.  That was a good thing.  There were too many things that I wanted to get done at home before my  weekly movie date with neighbors.  (Every week we watched a movie that was popular twenty, thirty, forty or fifty years ago that the neighbors taped on the television, rented from the library or purchased online.)   I purchased  the vegetables that I needed and then walked past a vendor who sold apples and avocados.  My eyes noticed a box of pathetic looking organic apples that were discounted.  I went over to take a quick peek.  Yup the life was going out of them.  Their time was running out.  There weren’t many options left- juice, baked, sauced or whatever the imagination might invent.

Some might perhaps call rescuing dying fruit codependency.  However, it makes good ecological sense to not waste food.  So I bought a enough withered-looking apples to make a quart plus apple sauce.  As I purchased the apples and grabbed a few lonely looking avocados , I looked at the vendor and said “You must get up early to get here on time to set up your booth.  It was more of a statement than a question.  He was up early all right, 4:30 a.m. to b exact.  He went on to explain that the early Sunday morning traffic wasn’t difficult,   “Are you tired?” I inquired.  “No.  I feel good.  If I tell myself I feel bad then I will feel bad.”  Right then and there I realized that he was reminding me that we are what we think, and the importance of our thoughts.



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