A Lesson in Trusting  The Quiet Voice

A Lesson in Trusting The Quiet Voice

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I ignore my intuition. It has happens when I play cards and something tells me to take one set of cards instead of another. Sometimes I am at the store and a little voice says buy more because it won’t be here next time you are shopping here. I have ignored this beckoning more than once.
Recently, I packed two glass shot glasses into a luggage that I checked in at the airport. I looked at one of the glasses and asked myself why I didn’t just take it in my carry on bag? I remember thinking that I didn’t like the glass that much. That seemed like a strange response.
Twenty-one hours later when I arrived at my destination and unpacked my luggage, I discovered that one shot glass was missing. My premonition had been right. I am grateful that something more important was not taken. It may be a long time before I check in luggage again. Better yet, maybe I will heed my own inner advisor’s suggestion.

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