A Strange Dream

A Strange Dream

I remember all of it.  It wasn’t a very long dream.  It didn’t make any sense, not any logical sense anyway.  I was at Venice beach in California.  It was a warm sunny day.  There were lots of people walking along the beach.  I couldn’t see any faces but was aware of people, sounds and bike riders on the sidewalk. 

President Biden appeared on the beach dressed in a long skirt and a short sleeve top.  The skirt was exactly like a skirt that someone I knew from high school wore. It was pink and had orange and yellow horizontal stripes.  The President wore a solid colored blouse possibly a brigtht pink color. I didn’t notice what  shoes President Biden was wearing.    My eyes didn’t gaze below the ankles.

President Biden gazed ahead of him and seem oblivious to anyone around him.  He was looking for his cat who had escaped from somewhere and was on the beach.  The President was determined to rescue his cat.

Behind the President was a tall secret service man dressed in a dark colored  jacket and matching pants.   I made the assumption that he was a secret service man without really knowing this.  He didn’t say a word but somehow I understood that he was not concerned about someone harming the president.  He was concerned that someone would see the President in a skirt. It was more like a march, straight ahead with unrelenting focus. Then I woke up.

What did it mean?  Did he ever lose a cat?  Did it mean that Biden will rely on his compassionate, perhaps feminine side, to accomplish his goals?  Did it mean that perhaps Biden will attempt to withdraw military from foreign countries where the United States has a military presence?  Will he attempt to pass do more controversial and difficult legislation in Congress to help working Americans?  Maybe the answer has nothing to do with politics or policy?  Any guesses?

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