Are your Assumptions Getting In Your Way?

Are your Assumptions Getting In Your Way?

Maybe this has always happened.  Maybe I have noticed it more during the pandemic.  Maybe more magic has showed up in my life to show me that I was wrong.  Maybe I don’t know .  Maybe there isn’t an answer.

What seems clear is that we tells ourselves stories abut a person or a situation that is sometimes far from the truth.  These tales help us understand puzzling behaviors, unexplained  events.  The weaving of hows and whys help us cope, sometimes calm us down, sometimes takes us into our sadness. 

For many not knowing is too uncomfortable.    Answers often appear  and not always in the time frame that we want.  If we would just trust that we will receive the information, it might be easier to accept the waiting. 

I once had a conversation with someone about food who could not envision waiting or perhaps did not have the impatience.  This person asked me how I had lost weight and I answered her with “I gave up sugar and eat less carbs.”  She looked at me and said ” I could never do that.  I would rather die than give up carbs.”  She meant it.  She could not imagine a life without sugar and carbs.  I told her that there was a world of food that tasted better than her commercial foods that she bought from the store.  She just had to give it a chance.

She didn’t seem convinced and I couldn’t blame her.  Neither was I until I started creating my own sugar-free foods..  My imagination wouldn’t let me.  It was only the food that tasted so much better that shattered my false ideas.  The proof was in the food.

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