Animals Need A Therapist?

It is an interesting idea, and there is probably some truth to it.  Think about it. Why shouldn’t  some of them need a little extra advice and a good sounding board?  In my experience with people, many of us two legged beings at some point in our lives seek out the services of a professional to speak about or woes.  Some needs a sounding board to complain or to get reassurances or even to gain understanding and insight.   Some are lifelong users of these therapeutic services, and will tell you that they NEED the one-on-one sessions for their wellness.  Frankly, who among us can argue with what someone else needs to function in the world?

So, back animals and their  mental wellness.  Frankly, from my experiences, many of our furry and feathery friends have a well trained therapist at home!  “Tell me all about it.”  “Don’t worry.  I will be home soon.  I am just going out shopping.”  “Mommy has to go to work so that she can buy your food.”   Many of us talk with our friends a lot.

We can’t control their quirky behaviors in the same ways that they often can’t do anything about our attitudes and behaviors.  It is apparent that some try with wagging tails, licks, a warm body on us or next to us.  And what about the purrfekt purring?  Let us not forget the bird or the ferret and the snake that parks itself on a willing shoulder.

In my experience, most animals who have fears and easily traumatize, often react so because one or more humans have neglected, mistreated or ignored this being.  Sometimes it is the attitude or the tone of the human that inflicts long term problems for the animals who are on the receiving end of this treatment.

As far as taking our beloved family members to a professional for guidance, many of us do without even realizing it.  Think about it.  We take them to groomers, vets and the local pet stores where they receive the loving and healing attention at these places for FREE.

Remember the best therapist for your animal is YOU.  Yes, you who know and adore it, are the absolutely most appropriate therapist.  Therefore, pay attention to your actions and your words.  They do matter.

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