Never Underestimate An Animal’s Ability To Make Decisons

Sometimes people make choices for their animals when they can make for themselves.  It is easy to forget or perhaps never believe that animals make choices perhaps other than choosing a toy or a food.  They stay away from people and move close to others.  All this is of their own choosing.  They may leave a shinning toy in a box or in a corner to play with something less elegant and simpler.

These choices go beyond toys, food and people.  For example, if you take your dog with you in the car, does your four legged friend have a favorite place to sit.  Inside your home, sofa maybe comfy place to occupy. Perhaps it is one corner on the sofa or one of four chairs or one part of a cage in the case of a guinea pig or hamster.

I was recently called to someone’s house to learn if an almost twenty year old proud and handsome orange stripped cat was ready to say goodbye to this life.  I turned on my telepathic telephone and went to work.  Animal communication work is like tha -listening on another level.  He told me without hesitation -no, not yet.  He also did  not want be taken in the car and driven to the doctor ‘s office or to have invasive procedures done.  It was the same thing that he told his human being. No to IV fluids.  He made his decision quite clear by walking away from the IV fluid bag and let out a sound that was an obvious vote of refusal.

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