Ask and Wait To Receive!

I have made these suggestions to clients and wish that I had followed up with them to learn if they got results. I didn’t and people seldom contact me to let me know if anything happened.   I am really asking if they put their interests, concerns and/or wishes out into the world with a thought, a plan or perhaps a meditation or a prayer.

Requests Seldom Go Unanswered

In my experience if one wishes or searches for an answer or insights, the request is seldom turned down. Answers usually surface, particularly when one is not searching.  It might be information, an idea. Sometimes the “information might be changing, life changing. This happened to me a few hours ago.

Just the previous day, I was thinking that it would be nice if I could find someone to fix a relative’s old hall furnace that was improperly installed and condemned by the city. Several people looked at the furnace but I wasn’t satisfied that these people knew how to fix the heater. A contractor promised me tat he would send someone to look at and give me an estimate but the man never called. It had to be taken care of because it wasn’t safe and she wasn’t allowed to use it until it was repaired. Surely there had to be an answer, but where and who?

Not Have Long To Wait

I didn’t have long to wait. I was driving down a street and recognized one of the neighbor’s homes. It was an old family friend.   A truck was in the driveway and the door to the home was partially opened. It was an a bit peculiar to see the door to this very private man’s home door partially open.   I stopped the car and crossed the street to go over to the house. I went up to the door and saw Howard standing inside the door watching two men who were about ready to install what looked a wall heater.

It was the same wall heater. Here was my answer and I didn’t have long to wait. Soon the heater would be fixed.


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